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Air Fryer Bacon

Various cuts of pork belly like thin and sliced make perfect bacon. Some likes it less fatty where the white fat is separated but many wants it in a healthy way. The healthiest option for cooking bacon is an air fryer.

Have you ever heard about the air fryer bacon? If not! Then this blog will surely be a great addition to your knowledge regarding air fryer bacon, its recipes and also the way to cook it perfectly.

I will tell you here as exactly how you can make a delicious meal in an air fryer along with an addition of bacon in air fryer. This will surely be the most perfect and delicious bacon you have ever had.

Once you will try out this method of cooking in an air fryer you will definitely not go any other way. Do you love cooking and want to try out new ways then grab your air fryer and make delicious meals. The methods to cook in it are very simple as it is very easy and less messy than other kitchen items.

Bacon Air Fryer

Bacon in air fryer must be new for you but the taste that you will get will remain forever. So, be ready to grab your hands on the most tempting bacon and bacon meals. As it is not only good individually; however, it tastes amazing in a burger, in a roll, in breakfast with egg and toast, and also in salads.

Why this is really easy to cook in an air fryer? Most of the people have this query in their mind and the answer is really simple. It does not take your much efforts to cook either you cook a perfect bacon or French fries without oil; yes! You heard it right, you don’t have to deep-fryer any item because air fryer is the best alternative for it.


It is and less messy because of its size. It is not as huge as an oven but works best as a super alternative of not only a deep-fryer but an oven also. Many of us are usually busy with our schedules and wanted to have an easy cook meal that is delicious and healthy at the same time.

So, for that you can cook it in air fryer because it will cook the meal in lesser time and perfectly without your much efforts as you set the raw bacon or any meat like even pork chops, chicken, steaks or anything in it, you just need to set the timer and temperature and rest of the work will be done by your air fryer.

Baking in an oven is also easy but it makes a lot of mess and makes the whole kitchen hot once it is open in the end. But air fryer does not make your kitchen hot. It however, cooks the meal by circulating the hot air inside the chamber like the basket of the air fryer but it does not require the excessive oil only you need to take is less oil like only 1 to 2 table spoons. The meals prepared in it are not oily and not greasy at all and the effortless meals are surely all time favorite for all of us.

Cooking Bacon in Air Fryer

Want to try? What are you waiting for just go and try and get the most delicious meal. Even the kids can also cook the bacon in an air fryer. You can simply wash the air fryer after cooking as in parts in the dish washer so there will be no need to clean it up like a messy oven try.

You can cook Bacon in the air fryer freely as without any worry of getting it burnt or overcook and for that you just need to set the right timer and temperature of your air fryer.

How to Cook Bacon in Air Fryer

For cooking bacon in an air fryer all you need to get are the 2 ingredients. Yes! Only two ingredients; the first one are the bacon strips and the second ingredient is a cooking spray. And just grab your air fryer and make the quick meal for yourself. You can make the frozen strips or you can take the fresh strips and make it.

You will surely be able to make a twelve ounce of Trader Joe’s in air fryer but in two different batches. It is total of a twelve ounce packet, and it only has eleven pieces or strip slices.

All you need to do is to arrange them like all the strips in the basket. But do not overflow the basket and make sure that the strips may not overlap each other from any angle.

After setting in a try now all the work is in the control of your air fryer but wait! Here you need to set the timer and the temperature at which the bacon will cook. So, just get ready for the trick and set the temperature of 400 degrees.

The space between the strips must be lift so that the hot air will pass and makes them evenly cooked. The 2nd thing is that after putting the strips in air fryer you can also use the spritz of a cooking spray but it is not necessary.

Tong while cooking meals is extremely helpful specially while dealing with the air fryer because here you need to flip them or turned them up for even cook from all side. However, bacon shrinks while cooking and this is what gives the brown texture to it also that look beautiful and tantalizing on the same time.

How Long To Cook Bacon In Air Fryer

The actual question comes here as how long it will take to make the bacon in the air fryer? So do not worry I am here to tell you the perfect time. Revealing the perfect time to cook bacon in air fryer is only 10 minutes.

Isn’t that amazing that you can seriously make bacon in 10 minutes without working of been burnt or so and you do not even have to stand with the fryer while cooking. You can just simply go and sit and just needs to ensure that after 5 minutes flip the strips to the other side in the halfway through.

No one thinks as much as a food lover to have the best meal. Moreover, everyone loves it but yes having the best meal in the healthiest way is perfect.


Check it as the timer stops like after ten minute to check like to see if you are done with it or want it a bit more to be done. Once the bacon strips are done you can take them out with the help of a ting and can place on a paper towel in a plate.

Here you will surely love it as it will be crunchy from outside and chewy inside, with dark colored edges. Wow a perfect thing to eat. Now you need to just empty out the grease from your air fryer and then after that you have to put the second batch of these strips to get them cooked in the same ways as you cooked the first batch.

Now just answer, can you cook bacon in an air fryer perfectly? I am sure that you will say yes and will try it soon. If you are a bacon lover then you can also make more packets of it to satisfy your cravings.

This recipe is fully tried and tested and you can also try it. You can also cook it in parties or at any time for yourself, family and also your friends. You can also add bacon with any of the meal like mostly people love to add the bacon toppings and also in burgers.

Air Fryer Bacon Recipe

There are several recipes that you can make with a bacon for the simple one you only have to take the slices of it and can make them at any time. For that the ingredients and the proper steps you need to follow are as follows:


  • Take eleven slices of the bacon you can also use Trader Joe’s as it is a thick cut.


  1. Divide your bacon strips in half as in two portions and place the half of it in your air fryer.
  2. Set timer and temperature 400 degrees, and 10 minutes (it will take less time for the thin slices)
  3. Check your strips halfway through as to see if like anything needs to be set as rearranged you can do it with the help of a tong.
  4. Cook until the set remainder of timer. Check your desired color like doneness. Most of the people like extra crispy so for that you can put for 1.5 minutes more as by extra time for the total of 11.5 minutes to make them perfect.


If you are making like more than a single batch, then ensure and empty all the grease as from the lower basket or chamber of fryer before cooking your second batch.

I like the thicker bacon in this recipe. But if you rare taking the thin slices then watch out because it will surely take lesser time than cooking of the thick slices.

Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeño Poppers are one of the classic appetizers that are trending and wildly popular. These are basically wrapped in the bacon and the crisped is surely to the perfection in an Air Fryer.

I take the traditional jalapeño poppers and just wrap them in the slices of bacon, then just air fryer them till they bacon much crispy and delicious. I cannot even tell you that how much these flavors of the bacon give the peppers and the filling.

It is perfect for your next meal with like in BBQ or any get together either with friends or with the family, they are surely always a hit!  So, you can serve it up with any sauce or the Ranch Dressing or even a number of other sauces and dressings that as you like.

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Ingredients to Make Air Fryer Jalapeño Poppers

  • Take the Jalapeño peppers
  • Some shredded cheddar cheese
  • Garlic Powder
  • Some cream cheese
  • The uncured bacon
  • Ranch Dressing that is optional as it is just for enhancing the taste.


It is very easy to make these as you need to cut each of the jalapeño pepper into half lengthwise and then you need to scoop out all the seeds and the ribs of it. Just try not to touch inside seeds ribs much as be sure to thoroughly wash your hands like before moving because it can cause some burning type feel to your skin due to spiciness.

Add some cream cheese along with the shredded cheddar and some of the garlic powder to a shallow bowl and jus mix until it gets well combined.

Fill as each jalapeño pepper in mid like half with the filling. You can also use a spoon to fill it form inside. It depends on the size of the peppers you have taken as you can take like ½-3/4 of any slice of the bacon and then wrap it around like each of the pepper. Start wrapping it from the bottom as it will properly tuck you to the end.

Wrap these tightly and make sure you have like plenty of bacon wrapped as around the ending under the pepper.  This will also prevent your bacon from the shrinking up and it will also expose the filling that could easily ooze out.

Set them in the air fryer and at a temperature of 400 degrees F and just make it in air fryer for 8 to 10 minutes. Make sure to flip it in halfway as it will help you to get the perfect bacon of your life and once you will make it surely you will make it again and again.

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