Air Fryer Donuts

People who have a sweet tooth love Donut! It is a delicious dessert food that has an extremely flavorful doughy texture coated in cream, chocolate, or sugar. Doughnuts are usually deep-fried for the perfect taste, and due to this diet, conscious people avoid to eat it. But now the resolution to this problem has been resolved with a magical alternative of the deep fryer, and that is an “air fryer”.

Yes! You heard it right. An air fryer is a perfect substitute for the deep-fryer and not only this it can also make the food just as oven-baked items also. The air fryer has a string hit circulating air system in it which air-fried the food exactly like a deep-fried one but totally without oil.

You might have heard of cooking vegetables or meat in the air fryer; however, you can make delicious sweet donuts in the air fryer also. Donuts in air fryer cook perfectly just as a mixture of the soft and smooth donut. The most important thing to ensure while frying doughnut is to cook the dough perfectly. It should never remain raw from the inside because that will ruin the taste of the whole donut.

Air Fryer Donuts from Scratch

Air Fryer Donuts are made from scratch with the yeast dough that tastes like the real deal as it is better than baked ones. However, there is less fat than the deep-fried one, and you can easily learn how easy it is to make amazing and the perfect Doughnuts in Air Fryer.

Homemade donuts that are made in the Air Fryer are very soft on the outside and have a perfect tender and fluffy inside. Donuts when are dipped in a buttery and creamy donut glaze or in the sweet cinnamon-sugar they form a great taste which you can enjoy at breakfast or in any treatment, and it will surely taste like from your most favourite donut cafe.

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Many of the Air Fryer Donut recipes are made with the canned readymade biscuit dough that is very easy to make because it is just ready to fry but with the sugar on the top of it that does not taste like the original real donut taste.

So here you can save yourself from the artificial flavours and the disappointments by using the canned biscuit dough, and you can make the dough by yourself from scratch. You may have to give your time and efforts while making it, but surely you will be highly satisfied with the results.

The ingredients required to make donuts are:

  • Two and a half teaspoon of instant or active dry yeast
  • One cup milk lukewarm
  • ¼ cup Sugar (prefer granulated)
  • Three cups of all-purpose flour
  • ¼ cup unsalted Melted butter
  • Oil spray (best if coconut or olive oil)

How to make Donuts in Air Fryer

Making donut in the air fryer is very simple and easy as all you need to do is first to prepare the sough of the donut and separately in a pan you can make your favourite dip or chocolate buttery and creamy glaze. The steps which you need to follow are as follow:

  1. First start with making the dough of the donut by activating the yeast by mixing the yeast in lukewarm milk, then add a little sugar in it, and stir it very gently with a soft hand like with fork or spoon.
  2. Then let the yeast mixture sit for around ten to fifteen minutes. The yeast particles will start to pop up in the milk, and you will surely observe a rise in the mixture. It approximately takes 15 minutes or so.
  3. (Tip: make sure to read the expiry of yeast as if it does not activate than surely there is a problem either with the yeast or the milk you have taken can be old).
  4. Now add the remaining ingredients of the dough in the yeast mixture in a bowl and knead the dough by adding the all-purpose flour and melted unsalted butter properly or you can mix it in a stand mixer until the dough becomes smooth, elastic, and pulls away from the sides as do not stick to the bowl, it will happen in five minutes but if not then mix it for few more minutes to make a perfect dough.
  5. Take the non-stick cooking spray and spray the bowl with it by transferring the dough to it.
  6. Do not worry if the dough still sticks to the bowl just kneed it for a minute more. The dough will surely now be coated in the spray oil.
  7. Now cover the dough bowl with the plastic wrap and let it set again. Please put it in a slightly warm place and let it rise until it gets doubled.
  8. Test the kneaded dough just by making an indention by the tip of your finger.
  9. Now cut the shape of donut from the cutter and make a small hole in it as a doughnut.
  10. Preheat the air fryer for 5 minutes at 350 degrees F
  11. Place the raw donut in the fryer in a single layer. And make sure that it does not touch each other.
  12. Set the timer for 4 to 5 minutes only and air fry it at 350 degrees F check after the given time either it’s ready or not if you see the perfect golden brown colour of donut than you can also check it with a thermometer and it will be ready to get served.

If there is any need to cook it more than cook for 2 to 3 more minutes and make the rest of the donuts in batches. Now the donuts are ready, and you need to dip it in the dip, and for this, you need to prepare the dip during the time when donuts are cooking in the fryer.

The glaze dip recipe you need the following ingredients:

Glaze for donuts:

To prepare the glaze, take six tablespoons of unsalted butter and add two cups of powdered sugar in it. Then add four tablespoons of hit water as required and two teaspoons of vanilla extracts. You will see a perfect glaze by it. This glaze is the most common white glaze that tastes best on doughnuts. However, you can dip the donut in chocolate also where the melted chocolate coated donuts taste really well.

It makes more glaze than what you expected as the recipe is very accurate for a donut glaze dip. Dipping the donuts in glaze and then let it cool will enhance more flavours. It should be a lot of glaze or else you can face huge trouble.

Some other Donut glaze toppings and Recipes

Chocolate Glaze: You can make it by melting the chocolate, or you can have an Alton Brown chocolate glaze.

Maple Glaze: It is very sweet and unique. Stir together the half cup of powdered sugar and add five tablespoons of maple syrup in it. Mix it well and prepare the maple glaze dip for a donut.

Sprinkles Topping: Apple the chocolate and top it with sprinkles. Or sprinkle right after dipping the donut in glaze.

Maple Bacon Topping: Take maple glaze on the top and sprinkle with the crispy bacon bits.

Coconut Topping: Take the shredded coconut and apple it on the glaze of donut or on the chocolate glaze.

Cinnamon and Sugar Coating: Here you need to combine a half cup granulated sugar and one teaspoon cinnamon. Spray the donuts with oil spray just before dipping it in the mixture.

Air Fryer Biscuit Donuts

The dough of biscuit for donuts is good to use when you have no time to make homemade dough. The biscuit donut is usually available at bakeries. The biscuit donut dough is available in the can where it is not only for a donut; however, it is also for the cookies. You can enjoy yummy chocolate chip cookies also which are made in the air fryer.

Donuts are sweet, and so does we become after having a fresh and yummy donut. Biscuit donuts are not very chewing or soft as the real ones with the real dough. The most amazing thing here is that the donut when made in an air fryer it just tastes exactly the same as a deep-fried donut, but it is perhaps the very healthy way.

Cooking a biscuit in an air fryer Is really simple as you need to place the dough of biscuit in a single layer in a round biscuit form and you can also add some chocolate chips on it if you want to. The best thing is that you can easily make the glaze also in your favourite flavour.

Can You Make Donuts in an Air Fryer

Obviously, you can! It is really easy to make the doughnut or any cookies in an air fryer because it has a high heat circulating system which makes the perfect soft donut. Making the donuts in the air fryer is saving yourself from the excessive oily calories, and the consumption of sugar can be up to your choice in the donut. But to be very honest donut only taste good when there is a balancing sweetness in it because the glaze is itself very sweet.

All you need is to follow are the steps, and for this, you have to take the raw donut dough and apply the cooking spray in the preheated air fryer then you need to add the raw donut in the basket of the air fryer or in its tray.

The most concerning thing here is to make the wise decision and set the timer and temperature as for 5 minutes and at 350 degrees F., You can also do this for 3 minutes for each side and can flip the donut halfway when the time stops. Health-related concerned question is always what comes in mind when we consume oily stuff, and the solution for this problem is the air fryer.

Air Fryer Donuts from Pillsbury Grands

Donuts made of Pillsbury Grand can also be made in the same procedure as the dough is already made and you need to make it in the air fryer. Whereas after the donut is cooked, you need to either sprinkle some icing sugar because it is a delicious combination with Pillsbury Grands! It also has the flaky layers that are made with the butter and flour along with the yeast, butter and milk.

You can simply deep-fry or air fry the Pillsbury Grands donuts. You need to have one pack of it or more if you want to make more donuts. And for the glaze purpose, you need to have sugar, vanilla essence, milk, red and yellow food colour, and olive oil for drizzle.

Air Fryer Donuts Available Online

The air fryer donuts can be made with Pillsbury Grands, and there are many other brands in which the dough of the donut is canned and ready to get cooked. If you are running short of time or has a busy schedule, then you can take the readymade dough and can enjoy the sweet donuts with sweet people of your choice at lunch or at any event.

There are many superstores on which the doughnut dough is available and the ones who just wanted to make fresh ones needs to air fry it freshly. You can also add the sweetened cream inside the donut without creating a hole in it. It is really simple as you need to make a proper round donut without any centre hole and ones it gets fried you can add the Boston cream in it that is really delicious and tasty.

The air fryer donuts from scratch no yeast are made tremendously at home if you have an air fryer. And if you do not have air fryer of any company that trust me, you are missing a major loss in your kitchen appliances. Life is unpredictable, and if you fully want to enjoy your life by having tasty food, then you must buy an air fryer and make any of your favourite deep-fried dishes in an air fryer without any oil.

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