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Air Fryer Potato Chips

Who doesn’t love potato chips? If you are diet conscious and wanted to have crispy and most crunchy potato chips, then it is great news for you to make the healthiest version of it in an “Air Fryer.” Either it’s an adult or a kid, everyone loves the potato chips. It is a crunchy snack that is also manufactured by many of the brands, but that consists of high calories as those are deep-fried.

Are you drooling for crispy chips while been on a diet? Hold on! Do not dribble. Enjoy your favorite snack, or any meal, either meat or vegetables, in the air fryer is the healthiest way. Surely no one can define the love for potato chips, but craving for it is constant for almost every one of us.

Snacks are a must for daily routine as we all know that something feels like missing if we do not take snacks. But when it comes to health, we always think of quitting unhealthy food and try to find some healthy options to satisfy our cravings. Deep-fried potatoes are always yummy and delicious, but we surely cannot consume them everyday! Why? Just because consuming deep-fried items daily is not good for health.

An air fryer is not less than a magical kitchen appliance for you. You can now have tasty potato snacks like chips, fries, cutlets, and many more items that are to be deeply fried can easily be air fried without any excessive oil or fats.

Potato Chips in Air Fryer

Tantalizing potato chips can be made in an air fryer. This tempting snack is very easy and quick to make; if you want your kids to have healthy chips than grab an empty pack and fill it with homemade air fried potato chips.

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Now you can easily make homemade sweet or simple potato chips at home without any stress of getting fat or consuming oil. Can you really imagine? Are potato chips without deep frying them? Yes! The air fryer has made it true for everyone. The cooking procedure in the air fryer is very simple as all you need to do to set the timer and temperature to cook the meal perfectly after placing it in the air fryer.

All you need to have only three quick ingredients to make this air fryer potato chips recipe:

  • Potatoes
  • Sea salt
  • Olive oil (Or cooking spray with the olive oil flavor)

Sweet Potato Chips Air Fryer

Sweet potato chips in an air fryer result in perfection. You surely have a doubt in your mind that how can these snacks be made without deep-frying? But do not worry. I am sure that your first attempt at making these in an air fryer will clear all your doubts, and you will love to make these yummy chips every day.

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For sweet potato chips, you need to take only a few ingredients that are easily available at home. And from scratch, you can make a perfect snack for yourself, your family, and friends. Make sure to follow the proper steps so that the chips will not become soggy, and these will be crunchy and crispy, just like the deep-fried ones.


  • Take two large-sized potatoes.
  • Cooking spray that is in olive oil flavor
  • Half teaspoon of the sea salt (or you can add up to your taste)
  • Minced or finely chopped fresh parsley (it is optional and can be used in the end for topping)

Steps to Follow

There are very simple and easy steps to follow for making delicious potato chips in the air fryer. So let’s began with the procedure:

  1. First, take the potatoes and thinly sliced them with the help of a slicer. Form the shape of potato chips. You can also use the mandolin peeler or the vegetable peeler to cut your potatoes into very thin slices.
  2. Transfer those thin slices to a large shallow bowl and add some ice water, and set the sliced potatoes in the water. Keep the bowl aside for around 15 minutes. Soaked potatoes than need to be drained so that no water will be left in them.
  3. After soaking for 15 minutes, again repeat the same procedure of soaking in ice water for more than 15 minutes and then drain it off. (It means that you need to follow this soaking step twice).
  4. At this time, you can also preheat your air fryer if required. Preheating is optional as it depends on the company type of air fryer but according to the experience preheating gives more perfect results. Preheat at 360 degrees F for just 5 minutes.
  5. After draining the water from the sliced potatoes, take a towel and place the slices on it. Pat it and dry the water completely from each of the slices with the help of a towel.
  6. Now take the sliced potatoes in a tray and spritz the cooking spray or drizzle it with olive oil if you do not have a cooking spray. Make sure to use very little oil.
  7. Sprinkle some salt on the potato slices.
  8. Now set the potato slices in a single layer. Do not overload the basket of the air fryer with all the slices of the potato because they can make the chips soggy rather than crispy. So make sure to put the slice separately without touching each other in the air fryer basket.
  9. Spritz some cooking spray again on it and set the temperature for 360 degrees F and the timer for 15 to 17 minutes.
  10. You must need to shake the basket of the air fryer halfway through every 5 to 7 minutes to get the even cook on every side.
  11. Cook until it becomes crisp and golden brown.
  12. Sprinkle some parsley on the top ones the potato chips are ready to be served.

Homemade Potato Chips Air Fryer

Homemade food is known to be most hygienic, satisfying, and enjoyable. Because when you make food by yourself, you actually knew the efforts behind it and loved every bite of it. So here comes the quick and easy recipe that you must definitely try for at least ones at home, and I am sure that once you make it, you won’t stop making it every couple of days.

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Homemade potato chips in the air fryer are as perfect as the deep-fried ones. Many people tried to make these chips in the oven also as baked chips are also healthy, but an air fryer can be used as the best alternative for both of these, the oven and a deep-fryer because it works as a multi-purpose machine and can cook any food easily.

Homemade fries, chips, nuggets, fish, chicken strips, pizza rolls, veggies, chicken tempura, crispy fried meat, chops, etc., all of these any other recipes can easily be made with perfection in the air fryer. For homemade potato chips in an air fryer with a bit of flavor like not only the salt one but the flavored one, follow the given recipe.

  • Take two potatoes
  • Salt to taste (you can take the sea salt)
  • A bit of black pepper
  • A bit of white pepper
  • A bit of paprika powder
  • A bit of Garlic Powder for taste or the Onion Powder
  • Olive oil

Mix all the above ingredients on the thin slices of potatoes. Cover them well with the spices but make sure to just drizzle the olive oil so that the dried spices will mix well with it. Olive oil enhances the flavor, but if you want to use any other oil that you have, then you can use that also.

After mixing all the ingredients, just follow the same procedure as the steps to air-fry them as mentioned above. Just preheat the air fryer for 3 to 5 minutes at 260 degrees F and keep the slices of chips in a single layer so that you can make them in batches.

How to Make Potato Chips in Air Fryer

These are the most usual questions by the beginners who had recently bought the air fryer. Because most of the people buy the air fryer for making fries, nuggets, potato chips, steaks, etc., however, you can also make donuts, cupcakes, or cake in it.

The most simple answer to this query is that to make perfect crispy potato chips in the air fryer, first make sure to thinly slice the potato; if you have a greater or the slicer, then it’s perfect. You just need to do this first, then come s the seasoning that can be of your choice. If you want any ready-made seasoning to sprinkle on your chips, then you can also do that. Use oil for the perfect coating of ingredients but make sure to use only one tablespoon of oil.

Preheating your air fryer will give crisper, so just do that for a maximum of 5 minutes, not more than that at just 360 degrees F. Once it is done, set the layer of your slices in a layer and the timer for 15 minutes. These can also be done in 12 minutes, so I would say that first set the timer for 12 minutes; if you want more golden brown color on it or crisp, then go for 2 to 3 more minutes to cook at 360 degrees F.

Air Fryer Potato Chips Recipe

Many recipes can be followed to make them, but the basic three ingredients are potato, salt, and oil. You can simply make the chips with only three ingredients as these are the most authentic items to take, but if you want some more flavors, then go with your choice of seasoning it with the garlic powder or the onion powder, paprika, pepper, or any other chips seasoning.

There are many dips and sauces that you can have with these chips. The crunchy crisp with the sauce tastes amazing. BBQ seasonings are also available in the market that you can use for your potato chips. Hot circulating air inside the air fryer makes the perfect meal, whereas the best thing is that you do not have to use excessive oil, only a tablespoon of oil can also help you to get the deep-fried best crisp.

Power Air Fryer Potato Chips

The power air fryer works amazing. You will surely not regret its crispness and perfect results. You can season the chips with the best flavors. The cooking procedure of these chips is the same for each of the air fryers as it works in the same way by circulating the hot air.

The fewer calories, low on fat snacks can be made in this air fryer. You can also make many of the frozen items in it. Perfect sausages, nuggets, fries, onion rings, pizza roll, and many more items are made perfectly that are crispy from outside and soft from inside.

Tips to Make Perfect Potato Chips

There are several tips that will help you to make the best potato chips. These tips are as follows:

  • Use the slicer to slice the potato.
  • Make sure to soak the raw ones in ice-cold water so that they will not become black while been cut and will give the best crisp to it.
  • Use the seasoning but make sure to coat it evenly.
  • Preheat the air fryer before air frying

These tips will surely help you to enjoy the best snack that can be served in the evening or at any time if you crave it. You can serve it to your guests also. Try it once, and you will surely love it. Happy meals make the mood happy, and happy snacks made the day!

An air fryer is an amazing kitchen appliance that will help you to get the healthiest meal within no time. Easy to cook and yummy recipes are available to make in it. You can also try the potato fries in it by following the same procedure as the steps that are mentioned above. But making the fries without any seasoning is best, and you can add on the spices once the fries get ready. Like you can sprinkle the salt, paprika, or any of the seasoning of your choice.

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