Keto Air Fryer Recipes

Low-carb or keto recipes are the life-saving meals for many health and diet conscious people. But how to stop craving for fries? How to stop ourselves from deep-fried items like fries and other yummy and crispy snack?

All the craving for delicious meals but thought of consuming extra calories or carbohydrates always stops us from eating the food that we crave for, but now air fryer has come up with “all you can eat” magic.

Yes, if you are on a clean diet or keto diet, then you can simply have any of your favourite meals by just cooking it in an air fryer.

Why air fryer? It is because air fryer recipes do not require excessive oil or fats and can cook the deep-fried items same as it without any oil. Keto diets help to maintain body weight and figure.

Many people enjoy the cook cooking with tasty results of meals in the air fryer, and you can certainly have a perfect low-carb meal due to an air fryer.

The keto air fryer recipes are really simple as you can make a chicken breast, chicken thighs, the prawns, Salmon, steak, chicken wings, chicken tender, or even any vegetables also.

The ketogenic diet has the calories that have proteins, and the fats with very low carbohydrates and the recipes that consist of these are added in the keto low carb diet.

However, the best way is to eat healthy dishes that are made in an air fryer. The recipes that you can make are countless, but few of them that are most delicious, quick and easy to make it in this blog for you to enjoy your healthy meal.

Air Fryer Keto Recipes

If you are looking for some delicious meals to add in your keto diet, then you are at the right place to find the perfect air fryer keto recipes. These recipes are not only for the ones who are following this diet rigorously.

However, everyone can enjoy these recipes as in breakfast, lunch, evening snack or in dinner. You can also make these recipes in the party and can become a star of the party because of serving the healthiest keto-diet food to your guest!

Easy Keto Air Fryer Recipes

There are many easy and quick keto-air fryer recipes as we have already discussed the most favourite ones with you, the other recipes that you can cook in an air fryer are:

And some other easy to cook recipes are in this blog.

Keto Air Fryer Chicken Tenders

While writing about the recipe, oh! I am drooling over to quickly have the crispy and delicious air fryer chicken tenders.

The breaded low-carb chicken tenders are soft from inside but have a crispy golden brown outer layer to make it even tastier in taste.

You can also make these in the oven, but the oven takes a long time to cook the meals, an air fryer is quick and perfect to cook the meals.

The best part to use the air fryer is not only to have a healthy meal; moreover, it also helps to have a non-greasy food although the deep-fried one is very greasy like oily. The recipe for Chicken tender consist of


  • Take one lb of boneless skinless breast pieces of chicken tender
  • One tablespoon of the heavy cream
  • One large size egg
  • A cooking spray of flavour like (olive oil)
  • Half a cup of the blanches almond flour
  • Take ¼ cup of the parmesan grated powder form cheese
  • ¼ teaspoon of the garlic powder
  • Half teaspoon of the sea salt
  • ¼ teaspoon of the black pepper
  • Half teaspoon of some paprika powder


In order to make the keto chicken tenders in the air fryer, you need to follow the given steps for the perfect recipe.

  1. Preheat your air fryer at around 400 degrees F or 200 degrees C for around 3 to 5 minutes.
  2. Take a large shallow bowl and mix all the dried ingredients like the almond flour, grated parmesan cheese, some salt, some black pepper, the garlic powder, and also the paprika.
  3. Take another shallow mixing bowl and beat the egg in it and the heavy cream.
  4. Dip a chicken tender piece in the mixture of the egg.
  5. Then coat it with the mixture of almond flour breading like with all the fried spices until it coated evenly from all sides.
  6. Now place the chicken tenders in an air fryer basket (you can cook in batches as the air fryer basket is small in size) or you can also place them on the sheet of an air fryer.
  7. Repeat the same process on all of the chicken tenders.
  8. Spray the olive oil or use the cooking spray over the tenders.
  9. For air fryer, you need to follow the direction because the time and temperature of an air fryer matter a lot to cook a perfect meal. So set the temperature at 400 degrees F and cook the chicken tenders for 6 to 8 minutes, cook until the chicken tenders get golden brown and crispy from outside.
  10. You can also use the foil to make it, but for the crispy food, it is better not to use the foil and also ensure that you flip the tenders or just shake the basket of an air fryer halfway through the cooking process.

Chicken is usually all-time favourite meat, and it is the quickest and easy to handle meat. Not only the tenders but you can also make the chicken herb thighs that are really delicious just like the tender, but that does not contain the breaded ingredients.

Keto Air Fryer Chicken Thighs Recipe

Chicken thighs have a unique, and these are delicious if seasoned and cooked well. The thigh pieces have its own flavour, and when cooked in an air fryer, it eliminated the effect of carbs and became really light for diet.

Keto diet’s actual meaning is to consume the food that has low fats and fewer calories and with very low carbohydrates.

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For a perfect Keto diet recipe, the ingredients and instructions to cook the meal in the air fryer are given below:


  • Take eight pieces of chicken thighs with bone and skin on
  • Two tablespoons of lemon juice
  • ¼ cup of the olive oil
  • Two teaspoons of the garlic powder
  • One teaspoon of the all-purpose herbs or the spike seasoning
  • One teaspoon of the dried basil
  • Half a teaspoon of the onion powder
  • Half a teaspoon of the dried oregano
  • Half teaspoon of the Salt and the black pepper
  • Half a teaspoon of dried sage


The steps to make the chicken thighs are very simple as you have to make sure that the recipe does not contain any of the element that has high carbohydrates because you are making it to have it in your keto diet.

So for a perfect keto air fryer recipe, it is as follows:

  1. First, trim the chicken thigh as the excessive fat and skin must be separated to get a perfect piece of thighs. You can use the kitchen shears to trim your chicken, and by that, you can also make the short slits in each piece of meat; however, it is not necessary.
  2. Mix all the fried ingredients along with the olive oil and the lemon juice.
  3. Add the chicken thighs pieces in the Ziploc bag, or you can take the plastic bags or container and add the whole spices in it. You can also let the chicken set in the refrigerator at least for 6 hours or overnight.
  4. Ones the chicken is purely and evenly marinated and is ready to cook at your lunch or at dinner time you can add the pieces in the air fryer make sure to arrange them in the top side down position in the air fryer to get the best results. Do not overlap any piece of chicken, and if you have many pieces, then cook them in small batches not once as a whole.
  5. Make sure not to put the freeze marinated chicken in the air fryer as before adding it to the air fryer, let the chicken pieces set at the room temperature.
  6. Preheating the air fryer is not necessary but if you do so that do it at the temperature of 360 degrees F and for just 3 to 5 minutes.
  7. After adding the chicken pieces in the air, fryer set the timer of 8 minutes at 400 degrees F and cook the chicken.
  8. It is necessary to flip or twist the chicken pieces in the halfway through for the even cooking, or you can simply shake the air fryer basket to get the chicken pieces to turn and cook.


Keto Cooking is very interesting, and the thighs are cook in a very simple manner where chicken is to be placed top-side down in a preheated air fryer for around 8 minutes.

Then you can turn these chicken thighs over in half and cook them for about six more minutes.

After around six minutes, you must check the chicken pieces to see if the pieces are getting golden-brown and if this is so than rearrange your chicken thighs in an air-fryer basket again if needed.

Ones you get the desired colour, and the crisp just check with the thermostat the temperature that should be to 165 degrees F.

Take the chicken thighs out of the air fryer and serve the piping hot pieces with your favourite low calories sauces.

Best Keto Air Fryer Recipes

There are many low-carb recipes that you can make in an air fryer, and that turns out to be the best ones.

We all know that chicken is very easy to cook and handle to get it ready in a quick and short time but another healthy meat that cooks even in lesser time and has the unique taste with very low carbohydrates that is surely one of the best options is “Air Fryer Salmon” and “Air Fryer Chicken Breast”.

For the easy to go recipes let me tell you the ingredients that are needed for making these recipes I am sure that once you try these, you will definitely fall in love with the perfect cook and taste.

Salmon has a unique quality, and that is it cooks really fast, but you should have to set a perfect temperature so that it may not get overcooked.

Air Fryer Salmon

To make the keto diet salmon, you need to make sure that you do not use much oil and the only kitchen appliance that helps you to not use the excessive oil is an air fryer.

The boneless fish named Salmon has a skin on its piece that gives a crisp, and a golden-brown colour of that outer layer looks amazing while enjoying the meal; however the fish from inside cooks well and properly as per the desired temperature.


  • Take two Salmon fillets like the pieces with an approx. the thickness of one and a half inches for each fillet
  • Take two teaspoons of the avocado or olive oil, or you can take any oil or cooking spray of your choice.
  • Take two teaspoons of the paprika powder.
  • Take the Salt to taste for Salmon’s seasoning.
  • Take a pinch off black pepper as per the taste for good seasoning.
  • Take a lemon and squeeze the lemon juice and also use lemon wedges.


  1. Remove the bones from the Salmon as it is necessary or ensure to take the pieces that are boneless as they give the best taste.
  2. Simply you need to make sure as to rub the dried seasoning on each of the fillets evenly.
  3. Now you can also preheat your air fryer (not necessary) at 360 degrees of F at around 3 to 5 minutes set timer if required.
  4. After the preheating process just set your salmon fillet in your air fryer basket as without overlapping any of the pieces because this can make the fish very soggy.
  5. So ensure to set all the fillets in air fryer basket without closely touching to each other.
  6. On the timer for around 7 minutes at the temperature of 360 degrees F
  7. Let your salmon cook in the fryer and ones it gets done then you can check it with the help of a fork or any knife to check the cooked side.
  8. Now you can serve it with a lemon wedge also.

Air Fryer Stuffed Chicken Breast

Stuffed Chicken is really simple, easy and quick only if you are making it in an air fryer.

It is purely considered as in a keto-diet recipe because there are very low-carbs in this recipes, all thanks to the air fryer and the ingredients uses in it are also the soft ones that mean that are not high on carbohydrates.

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For a perfect recipe of stuffed chicken, you can follow the given recipe as the ingredients are mentioned below:


The ingredients that you will need in order to make the best keto-stuffed chicken breast in the air fryer are:

  • Take one boneless piece of the chicken breast.
  • Take around 1/4 teaspoon of the dry basil.
  • Take 1/4 teaspoon of the seas salt.
  • Take 1/4 teaspoon of the fresh garlic powder.
  • Take two slices of low-fat cheddar cheese.
  • Take two strips of the bacon.
  • Take two finely sliced pieces of tomato.
  • Take toothpicks to hold the stuffing or for support.
  • Use the cooking spray or any vegetable oil only for a slight drizzle as it gives an amazing taste.


  • First, you need to cut your chicken piece of the breast in a horizontal way with a good sharp knife just to make a mid-pocket and ensure not to just cut it as a whole.
  • In a shallow style bowl combine your all the dried spices and ingredients like the Salt, some garlic powder, some pepper, and the dry basil. Season these all on the chicken breast from both sides as equally and evenly.
  • Stuff these chicken breast pieces with stuffing ingredients that you have taken like the tomatoes and the slice of grated cheddar cheese, and also the bacon
  • After stuffing top the chicken piece it with another tasty slice of tomato or with the grated cheddar cheese inside.
  • Use a single toothpick to support or just hold the stuffing inside its pocket altogether.
  • Spray it like the chicken with the cooking oil to make it even more crispy and satisfying golden-brown.
  • Place these stuffed chicken breast pieces in the air fryer basket, or you can also put it on the top of a crisper plate of your air fryer as if you have one.
  • Set the air fryer temperature at the 350 degrees F and also set the timer for around 25 minutes in total. Flip each side of the chicken piece when halfway done tp get even and perfect cook in between the cooking process.
  • When the cooking time is finished, just check if the meat is properly cooked by an instant-read thermometer.
  • As it should have a reading of the 165 degrees F. If it still shows less than the cooking temperature for ideal cooking than cook it for more 3-5 minutes.

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